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Media Atropatene

 Media  (country of the Medes) was the name of an ancient country  in the western asia (present day north-western part of Iran, Kurdistan, Azerbaijan and parts of  Kermanshan). Alexander occupied Media in 330 BCE and appointed Atropates ( a former general of Darius III) as a satrap in  328 BCE.  Atropates established an  independent country  Atropatene with its capital at Gazaca after Alexander's death in the northern Media. Antiochus the Great forced King Artabazanes to sign disadvantageous treaty in 220 BCE. Later, Atropatene came under the control of Parthia and Rome.

Southern Media was given to the Macedonian general Peithon.  In 310 BCE, it was passed on to Seleucus I. Southern Media remained a province of the Seleucid empire for hundred and fifty years. Media was conqurred by the Parthian king Mithradates I in 152 BCE and it remained under the Arsacid rule until 226 CE.  Media together with  Atropatene came under the Sasanian rule in 226 CE.


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