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Paphlagonia was one of the most ancient nation in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) on the Euxine Sea between Bithynia and Pontus.  Sinope was the well known of the Greek colonies along its coast. In the classical age, it was ruled by princes of their own. Paphlagonia came under the Macedonian kings in the 4th century BCE. After the death of Alexander the Great, it was assigned to Eumenes together with Cappadocia and Mysia. However it was ruled by native princes. The rulers of Pontus absorbed the greater part of Paphlagonia as during the reign of Mithradates III ( 220-185 BCE).  Sinope fell to Pharnaces I  in 183 BCE and Paphlagonia was finally incorporated into Pontus. After the Mithradates VI was defeated in 65 BCE, Pompey united the coastal districts of Paphiagonia with Bithynia and let the native princes rule the interior of  Paphlagonia. All these native princes took the name "Pylaemenes" - the first ruler of Paphlagonia during Homeric times.

Kings / Rulers of Paphlagonia

Amastris 300-288 BCE

Pylaemenes c.133 BCE

Deiotarus c.31-5 BCE

Cities of Paphlagonia

Sinope  c. 300-100 BCE

Pimolisa  c. 100-85 BCE



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