Wei Empire of ancient China

Wei Empire
(c. 221 - 265 CE)

Han dynasty was weakened by internal conflict and external invasions by Tartars in the north. Ts'ao Ts'ao was a powerful general of Han Empire. In 220 CE, Ts'ao P'ei, son of Ts'ao Ts'ao, declared himself the Emperor after abdication of last of the Han emperor Hsien-ti Thus Wei Dynasty with capital at Lo-yang was started. Ssu-ma Yen overthrew Wei in a military coup and established Chin Dynasty in 265 CE.

Succession of Wei Emperors.

Wen Ti (Ts'ao-p'ei) 221-228 CE

Ming Ti 228-241CE

Fei Ti 241-253 CE

King Ti 253-259 CE

Mo Ti 259-265 CE

Obverse: Zhi Bai Wu Zhu
Reverse: Wei


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