Shu Han Empire of ancient China

Shu Han Empire
(c. 221 - 263 CE)

In 220 CE, Ts'ao P'ei, son of Ts'ao Ts'ao, declared himself the Emperor after abdication of last of the Han emperor Hsien-ti. Liu Pie, a legitimate member of the Han dynasty established himself in the southwest (present day Szechuan Province) with capital at Ch'eng-tu. Thus Shu-Han Dynasty started in 221 CE. Emperor of Wei Empire, Mo Ti conquered Shu Han in 264 CE.

Emperors of Shu Han Dynasty

Chao Lieh (Liu Pei) Xuande 221 - 223 CE

Hou Zhu  223 - 263 CE

100 Wu Shu of Emperor Chao Lieh
       Obverse: Chih pai wu shu
       Reverse: Blank


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