Welcome to the world coin catalog in your cyber neighborhood. This site is for educational purpose only and contains the images of coins issued around the world and other fun facts.

(If you want the prices of coins, please refer to "Standard Catalog of World Coins" by Chester Krause.)

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How to navigate this web site:

1.  If you like to browse through the catalog, start with the hyperlinks below.

Section 1:   Coins from 700 BCE - 500 CE

Section 2:    Coins from 500- 2000 CE

2.  If you like to go to a specific country or king, use the hyperlink  Index.

    All the Countries, Colonies, Kingdoms and Empires are listed alphabetically in the index.

This web site is being built in a book format with two separate sections.

   The first section contains coin images from the Countries, Kingdoms & Empires between 700 BCE (Before Common Era) and 500 CE (Common Era).

The second section contains coin images from the Countries, Colonies & Empires between 500 and 2000 CE.

   The "Next" button at the bottom of each page will take you to the next page sequentially (like turning pages in a book) but in that section only.  Both sections share a common index.

The coins issued by each country are classified chronologically and arranged as sets. This is not by any means a  complete catalog of the coins. If you like to contribute, please send the scans of the missing coin images ( .jpg or .gif format, 2x size, 300 dpi) through email TheCoins@Bigfoot.com. Images of the coins in this site are not to any scale. They range from actual size to 4 times the actual size.

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