Greek Empire of Philip II (338 BCE)

Greek Empire
Philip II
(382 - 336 BCE)

Philip II (382 -336 BCE)  of Macedonia learned to appreciate the greek culture while he was young man. He was caught and held hostage in the Greek City State of Thebes for fighting as a young mercenary. Philip II became a strong leader and fine statesman. He chose Aristotle as the tutor for his son Alexander III.  After Philip II became the King of Macedonia, he built a strong army with designs to conquer and unite all Greek City States into a powerful empire. After Peoponnesian wars (431-404BCE), Greek City States were divided and in a disarray. He invaded and united most of the mainland Greek City States into an empire in 338 BCE. Sparta was the only City State remained independent.

Philip II redesigned and issued huge quantities of silver and gold coins  in preparation to conquer Greek City States and later Asia Minor. Philip II was the first greek leader to issue gold coins. In 336 BCE he was killed by his body guard. His son Alexander III  succeeded the King of Macedonia


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