Greek Empire  (338 - 317 BCE)

Greek Empire
Temenid Dynasty
(338- 323 BCE)

Macedonian King Philip II invaded and united most of the mainland greek city states into an empire in the year 338 BCE. His son Alexander III expanded it by invading Asia Minor, Persia and India. Philip II was the first to issue Greek gold coins and Alexander III issued largest number of coins in the antiquity surpassed only by Anglo-Saxon kings of England.

Philip II (382-336 BCE): Also known as Philip of Macedon.

Alexander III (356-323 BCE): Also known as "Alexander the Great"  in Europe and "Alexander the Curse" in Persia. Interestingly,  almost a 1000 years later  Genghis Khan  was known as "Genghis the great Khan" in Asia and "Genghis the great  curse'" in Europe.

Philip III Arrhidaeus (323 - 317 BCE): Feeble minded son of Philip II and half brother of Alexander. He was installed on Macedonian throne after Alexander's death.


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