Han empire of ancient China

Tung (eastern) Han Empire
(c.25 - 220 CE)

Liu Bang (Peng), a peasant farmer working as royal police led a successful revolt against Qin (Ch'in) ruler. Erh Shih Huang Ti,  the last emperor of Ch'in Dynasty committed suicide in 206 BCE. There was a power struggle between Liu Bang and another rebel leader Hiang-yu.  Liu Bang won the power struggle and started Han Empire in 202 CE with Ch'ang-an (Shansi province) as capital. This empire is referred as Hsi (western) Han Dynasty and ruled China for almost 200 years.

In 9 CE, regent Wang Mang, (nephew of the empress  dowager Wang) assumed the Imperial position himself, under the dynastic title of Hsin. Wang Mang ruled till 22 CE.

Liu Hsüan (Liu Keng-shih) of Han Dynasty ruled the empire from 22 - 24 CE. Liu Hsiu ( Kuang-wu ti) of heir of Han Dynasty  contested and fought against the emperor and became the emperor. He reigned from  25 - 58 CE. Capital Ch'ang-an had been virtually destroyed by warfare. In 25 CE, Kuang-wu ti moved his capital to Lo-yang (Honan province) in the east. This empire is referred as Tung (western) Han Dynasty ruled China for another 200 years.

Han dynasty was weakened by internal conflict and external invasions by Tartars in the north. Ts'ao-pei, a powerful general of Han Empire declared himself Emperor in 221 CE and started Wei Dynasty. Liu Pie, a legitimate member of the Han dynasty established himself in Szechuan Province as an Emperor of the  Shu-Han Dynasty. Wu Empire was declared south of the Yangtze (preset day Nanking). Thus, China was divided for next 400 years into eastern, southern & northern empires and ruled by several dynasties. This period is referred as Three Kingdoms period.

List of Tung Han Emperors

Liu Keng-shih  22 - 25 CE

Kuang Wu Ti (Guang Wudi or Liu)  25-57 CE

Ming Ti (Mingdi)  58-75 CE

Chang Ti (Zhangdi)  76-88 CE

Ho Ti (Hedi)  89-105 CE

Chang Ti (Shangdi)  106-107 CE

Ngan Ti (Andi) 107-124 CE

Chao Ti (Shundi) 125-126 CE

Chuen Ti (Chongdi) 126-144 CE

Ch'ang Ti (Zhidi) 145-146 CE

Che Ti 146-147 CE

Huan Ti (Huandi) 147-167 CE

Ling Ti (Lingdi) 168-188 CE

Chao Ti 189-190 CE

Min Ti 190-190 CE

General Tung Cho 190-192 CE (Emperor Unknown)

Courtier Ts'ao-ts'ao 192-220 CE (Emperor Unknown)

Courtier Ts'ao-pei  220-221 CE (Emperor Unknown)


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