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Pontus was an ancient country  in north-east Asia Minor (present day Turkey). It was between Cappadocia in the south and the Black Sea to the north.. A Persian family taken over Pontus after the breakup of Alexander's empire.  Mithradates I of that family called himself King of Pontus in 281 BCE. Pontus expanded when Pharnaces I annexed Sinope and Mithradates V gained Phrygia in a deal with the Romans. Pontus gained prominence under its ruler  Mithradates VI the Great. He conquered Asia Minor, Crimea and threatened Roman rule in Greece.  Pompey defeated him  in 65 BCE. Pharnaces II  became the king in 63 BCE. Julius Caesar removed Pharnaces II  in 47 BCE ending the independent Pontic Kingdom. Pontus was incorporated into the province of  Galatia-Cappadocia.

Kings / Rulers of Pontus

Mithradates of Cius 337-302 BCE

Mithradates I 302-266 BCE

Ariobarzanes 266-255 BCE

Mithradates II 255-220 BCE

Mithradates III 220-185 BCE

Pharnaces I 185-170 BCE

Mithradates IV 170-150 BCE

Mithradates V Euergetes  150-121 BCE

Mithradates VI  Eupater   121-63 BCE

Pharnaces II 63-47 BCE


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