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Ephesos was on river Kayster(Cayster).  Archaic Ephesos was originally established at the base of Mount Pion. Androklos, a son of the King Kodros of Athens, led a group of Ionian Greeks to found Ephesos at the mouth of the Cayster river. The Ionians apparently settled peacefully among the local inhabitants and integrated the worship of Artemis into the local cult of Cybele. The second, Classical Ephesos city was built farther inland, closer to the location of modern day Turkish city of Selcuk.

Silver Drachm of Ephesus 480-450 BCE
Obverse: Bee.
Reverse: Quadripartite incuse square

Silver Tetradrachm of Ephesus 390-330 BCE
Obverse: Bee.
Reverse: Stag and Palm tree.


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