Hsi Chin  (Jin) Empire of ancient China
Hsi Chin (Jin) Empire
(c. 265 - 316 CE)

Ssu-ma Yen overthrew Wei in a military coup and established Hsi Chin Dynasty in 265 CE with its capital at Loyang. Ssu-ma Yen in AD 265  achieved a new unification of China with the conquest of Wu in AD 280. Emperor Min Ti was killed in an uprising in  316 CE and Chin (western) Empire lost control and China was fragmented into several small dynasties. Emperor Yuan, a member of the Ssu-ma dynasty, retained control of the south and established the Tung (eastern) Chin Dynasty with his capital at Nanking.

Succession of Hsi (western) Chin Emperors

Wen Ti (Ts'ao-p'ei) 265-290 CE

Houei Ti  290-307 CE

Houai Ti  307-313 CE

Min Ti  313-316 CE

Obverse: Wu Zhu
Reverse: Blank

Obverse: Wu Zhu
Reverse: Blank



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