People's Socialist Republic

2002 CE

Monetary System
100 Qindarka = 1 Lek

Brass 20 Leku. 2002.
Obverse: Pre-historic art of a horse and rider with the inscription "Found in Tren in Korça" and the year at the bottom.
Reverse: Ancient coin from Apollonia with inscription "Ancient coin of the 4th century B.C., found in Apollonia” in Albanian and denomination below.
Reference: K-87.

Brass 50 Leku. 2002.
Obverse: Denomination and the year at the bottom.
Reverse: A portrait of Sami Frashëri facing in the centre, date of birth and death below the portrait. In the arch above an inscription "Shqipëri - Albania" and in the arch below year 2002. .
Reference: K-88.

Copper-Nickel 100 Leku. 2002.
Obverse: A portrait of Ismail Qemali facing in the centre and denomination.
Reverse: A book, a rifle and a pen; in the arch below there is the inscription "Shqipëri - Albania 2002".
Reference: K-.


Country List


RK. October 31, 2008.