A brief outline of Persian history

Persia is a land called by the native people as Iran (Land of Aryans) all through the history. Europeans people called it as Persia (after provence of Fars or Pars in persian language).

This land was ruled by several successive empires from ancient time. First of those great empires was Achaemenid Empire (648-330 BCE) established under Cyrus the Great.

Alexander the Great conquered the Achaemenid Empire in 331 BCE. After Alexander's rule (331-323 BCE),  his successors ruled it as a part of Seleucid kingdom (323-247 BCE).

Parthians (an Iranian tribe) established an Empire (247 BCE to 224 CE) and ruled the Persia for 400 years.

The Sassanid (Sassanian) Empire was established in 226 CE by the local vassal king of the weakened Parthians. Sassanid Empire lasted till 651 CE.

Achaemenian Dynasty
648-330 BCE)

Alexander and Seleucid Rule of Persia
331-247 BCE)

Parthian Empire
( Ashkanian or Arsacid Empire)
247 BCE -224 CE.

Sassanid Empire
(Kingdom of Eranshahr)
226 - 651 CE.

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