Judaea under Herodian Dynasty
37 BCE - 6 CE and 37 -95 CE

Herod the Great backed by Rome defeated Mattathias Antigonos of Hasmonaean Dynasty in 37 BCE and ruled Judaea with city of Jerusalem as capital until 6 CE. Herod Archelaus came to power after Herod's death. But, he fell from favor and was banished from Judaea by Roman Emperor. Jerusalem and Judaea came under the rule of the Roman Procurators, who reported to the Roman Governor of Syria. Herod Archelaus and his descendants ruled the territories of Galilee and Perea (Jewish Transjordan) until 34 CE.  Agrippa I, the grandson of Herod the Great and son of Aristobulus was favored by Caligula, who granted him rule of the northern part of Judaea. Emperor Claudius later gave him rule of entire Judaea.

Herod the Great
37-4 BCE.

 Bronze 2 Prutot of Herod the Great 37 -4 BCE
Obverse: Cross surrounded by diadem and  Greek inscription King Herod.
Reverse: Tripod table flanked by two olive branches.

Herod Archelaus
4 BCE - 6 CE

Prutah. Herod Archelaus. 4BCE - 6 CE.
Obverse: Anchor
Reverse: EQ AN in wreath.

Herod Philip
4 BCE - 34 CE

Bronze 18 mm coin.
Obverse : Laureate bust of Tiberius with his name and titles around in Greek.
Reverse : A tetrastyle temple and regnal date

Herod Antipas
4 BCE - 40 CE


Agrippa I
37-44 CE

Prutah of Agrippa I  37 - 44 CE
Obverse: Umbrella-like canopy with fringes
Reverse: Three ears of Barley

Agrippa II
56 -95 CE

Prutah of Agrippa II  74/75 CE.
Obverse: Bust of Titus
Reverse: Nike with wreath r.


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