Judaea under Persian Rule

Cyrus II (c. 590-.529 BCE) of Persia  in c. 539 BCE conquered Palestine, Phoenicia and Syria. Cyrus II allowed Jewish exiles in Babylonia return to Jerusalem. He also decreed in c. 538 BCE to rebuild first temple of Jerusalem. The following list is the Kings of Persia who ruled Judaea till Alexander III defeated Darius III in 330 BCE.

Cambyses II (529-522 BCE)
Darius I (reign 522-486 BCE),
Xerxes (486?465 BCE),
Artaxerxes I (465?425 BCE),
Xerxes II(425?424 BCE),
Darius II Ochus (423?404 BCE)
Artaxerxes II  (Reign 404-359 BCE)
Artaxerxes III (c359-338BCE)
King Arses  (338?336 BC)
Darius III (c. 336-330 BCE)

Coins issued by the Persian Kings might have circulated in Judaea. The two coins below are coins issued by Persian Kings.

Silver 1/6 Siglos. c.450-330 BCE.
Obverse : Persian king kneeling drawing  a bow.
Reverse : Incuse punch.

Silver Siglos. c.450-330 BCE.
Obverse : Persian king running  holding a bow and a spear.
Reverse : Incuse punch.


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