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Hellenistic Thrace
323 BCE - 681 CE

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Athens formed an alliance with Odrysian King Ketriporis of Thrace and Illyrians against Philip II of Macedonia in 358 BCE. Philip II defeated the coalition in 353 BCE and waged his first campaign against the Thrace in 347-346 BCE. He conquered southern Thrace in 341 BCE. He founded Philippopolis (Plovdiv), Kabyle (Yambol) and other cities near  or on older Thracian settlements.  The Triballi tribe of Thrace defeated and wounded Philip in  339 BCE.

After Philip died in 336 BCE, the Thracian tribes revolted against his son Alexander III.  Alexander waged a campaign against and defeated the Thracian tribe Getai and King Syrmus of the Triballi. All other Thracians submitted to him and sent troops to join his army.

 After Alexander died in 323 BCE,  Lysimachos seized control of Thrace but only nominally. Odrysian King Seuthes III continued to reign in parallel with the Lysimachos.  In 320 BCE, Seuthes III moved Odrysian kingdom to central Thrace and built his capital city at Seuthopolis (Kazanluk). Lysimachus died in a battle against Seleucus in  281 BCE. Thrace came under the rule of Ptolemy II after the battle.

In 273 BCE, Celts invaded and destroyed the Thracian kingdom. They founded a kingdom with Tylis as its capital. Thracian aristocracy escaped to Greek colonies on Black Sea. In 214 BCE, the Thracians destroyed the Celtic kingdom and Thracian King Pleuratus ruled between 213-208 BCE. Philip V of Macedon conquered the Thrace in 202 BCE. Perseus succeeded Philip V in 182 BCE. Perseus was defeated by Romans in 168 BCE. Macedonia with Thrace came under the Roman rule.

Kings and Rulers of Thrace

Seuthes II    341- 291 BCE

Alexander    343-323 BCE

Lysimachos    323-281 BCE

Seuthes III    324-280  BCE

       Ptolemy II    281-273 BCE

 Celtic Kingdom    273-213 BCE

Pleuratus    213-208 BCE

Philip V of Macedon    208-183 BCE

       Kotys II    180-168 BCE

   Roman Rule    168-57 BCE

Client Kings of Rome

       Kotys III    57-48 BCE

Rhascupolis and Rhascus    48-42 BCE

Rhoemetalces ?  - 13 CE

Raskouporis II 13 -19 CE

Kotys IV  13 - 19 CE

Kotys V ?

Roimitalkes II  19-38 CE

Roimitalkes III    38-45 CE

Province  Roman Empire

Roman Empire    46 -396 CE

Province of Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire    396-681 CE

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