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Euthydemus I deposed Diodotus II and became King of Bactria c. 230 BCE. Euthydemus II advanced his kingdom into the Hindu Kush and northwestern India. He  established the Indo-Bactrian (Indo-Greek) branch of the kingdom in Indus Valley.   Chronology of the Indo-Bactrian rulers is based largely on numismatic evidence. Bactrian coins were imitations of Greek issues, but they gradually acquired a style of their own. Legend of Indo-Bactrian coins were inscribed in Greek, Brahmi, and Kharosti scripts.

Silver Tetradrachm of Agathokles. c. 185-170 BCE.
Obverse: iademed and draped bust of Agathokles.
Reverse: Zeus standing holding figure of Hekate (holding torches)  in right and sceptre in left hand.
Legend: BASILEWS on the right, AGAQOKLEOUS on the left, DIKAIOU in exergue.
Weight: 15.85 grams. Mint: Panjir.
Reference:  Rahman 150. MIG 141a.


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