Akanthos was a city located on the Chalkidean peninsula of Akte, between the gulfs of Singitis and Strymon of ancient Greece. It was founded by colonists from Andros in the middle of the 7th century BCE. Akanthos supported the Persian kings in 490 and  480 BCE during Persian wars.  It also helped Xerxes in the construction of a canal across the Akte peninsula. Akanthos became a member of the Delian League. It supported Athens in the Peloponnesian War. It gained independence after the Peace of Nikias. It came under Macedonian control in the 4th century BCE. The city was plundered by the Romans c. 200 CE.

Monetary System
Silver Decadrachm ~ 43 grams = 60 Obol
Silver Tetradrachm ~ 17.2 grams = 24 Obol
Silver Stater ~ 8.6 grams = 12 Obol
Silver Drachm ~4.3 grams = 6 Obol
Silver Tetrobol ~ 2.85 grams = 4 Obol
Silver Triobol / Hemidrachm  ~ 2.15 grams = 3 Obol
Silver Diobol ~ 1.72 grams = 2 Obol
Silver Obol ~ 0.72 grams
Silver Trittartemorion ~ 0.54 grams = 0.75 Obol
Silver Hemiobol ~ 0.36 grams = 0.5 Obol
Silver Trihemitartemorion ~ 0.27 grams = 0.375 Obol
Silver Tetratemorion ~ 0.18 grams = 0.125 Obol
Silver Hemitartemorion ~ 0.09 grams = 0.1 Obol

Silver Hemiobol. Akanthos. c.4th Century BCE.
Obverse: Head of bull right.
Reverse: Quadripartite incuse square

Silver Obol.  Akanthos. c. 470-390 BCE.
Obverse: Head of Apollo right.
Reverse: Lyre.

Silver Tetrobol.  Akanthos. c. 470-390 BCE.
Obverse: Head of a bull.
Reverse: Quadripartite incuse square

Silver Tetradrachm. Akanthos. c. 484-424 BCE.
Obverse:  Lion attacking bull and tuna fish in exergue
Reverse: Quadripartite incuse square


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