Qin (Chin) empire of ancient China

Qin (Ch'in) Empire
(c.255 - 206 BCE)

Qin (Ch'in) Kingdom of Wei river valley took control away from Zhou dynasty rulers and started Qin dynasty.  The Qin are considered the first of the Chinese imperial dynasties, and Emperor Shi Huang Di (Shih huang-ti) became the first emperor of China. First part of the Great Wall was built during his reign.  Empire lasted till 206 BCE.  Liu Bang, a peasant farmer working as royal police led a successful revolt against Qin ruler and started Han dynasty.

Succession of Chin Dynasty

Hsiao Kung 361-338 BCE

Emperor Hsuan Wen 337-310 BCE

Emperor Wu 310-307 BCE

Emperor Chao Siang  306-251 BCE

Emperor Ch'in Shih Huang 250-221 BCE

Emperor Shih Huang Ti 221-210 BCE

Emperor Ehr-shih ti 210 - 206 BCE

Pan Liang is a large copper.
Value 12 Shu.
34 mm in diameter.


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