King Gersem
c. 600 CE.

Bronze coin  c. 600 CE.
Obverse: Draped, crowned and facing bust of the king holding two cross-scepters. Legend "King Gersem"
Reverse:  Cross in obeaded circle.  Legend "He conquers through Christ".
Weight: ~1.6 g Diameter: 16 mm.
Reference: Munro-Hay/Juel-Jensen 148, BMC (British Museum Collection) Aksum 522.

Silver coin c.  600 CE.
Obverse: Crowned, draped and right facing bust of the king . Legend "Gersem" in Ge'ez.
Reverse:  Draped right facing bust of the king wearing a head cloth and holding a cross.  Legend"King" in Ge'ez.
Weight: ~0.7 g Diameter: 12 mm.
Reference: Munro-Hay/Juel-Jensen 147, BMC (British Museum Collection) Aksum __.


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